Organisational Relationship Coaching 

in a pressured, complex and fast-paced world


In essence our workplaces are human systems, and despite Artificial Intelligence and Bots taking up more space, for a long time still to come, our personal and organisational success depends on effectively working together within teams, across teams and departments, as well as with partners and customers.

Collaboration (how effectively are people working together in your organisation?) is in turn dependent on the quality of relationships between the people working towards organisational goals.

How do you experience the relationships in your organisation?​​

Would you say the relationships are easy, uncomplicated and a joy to be with?

Or do you experience these relationships as complex, or even frustrating and inhibiting?

99% of respondents to these questions talk to me about:


  • Silo working in teams & departments

  • Disengaged staff, that feel unheard and under valued

  • Poor communication or a lack thereof in and across teams

  • Constant demand for higher productivity with fewer resources

  • Overlapping complex change initiatives

  • Huge pressure and no alignment amongst teams & departments

  • Failed or stuck change initiatives 

  • Poor Leadership Alignment


How I Can

Help You


Relationships can be complex, and some of them purely impossible! Yet we need to work together to get things done. Everything we achieve, we achieve through collaboration with others. This is true when ordering a sandwich, or landing an unmanned craft on Mars, 56.4 million kms away.

We all have preferences, insecurities, cultural habits etc that can sometimes make it really hard for us to cross the short distance between ourselves and another person that thinks, feels and looks different to us. Crossing these edges can seem impossible at times and really uncomfortable.

As a coach I support you in developing awareness of the dynamic in the relationships you engage with. Awareness and insight are the foundation to being in integrity with your own values while building capacity to be more intentional and skilful in relationship with others. Being aware, skilful and intentional in relationships creates the much desired culture in which we feel included, we collaborate across boundaries and innovate creatively. Vital 21st century competencies for agile teams in this fast changing world.

I am certified as an Organisational Relationship Systems Coach (through the Centre for Right Relationships) offering a unique approach to coaching. This enables teams to resolve key issues and achieve organisational goals through intentionally being more skilful in creating a relationship dynamic/culture that serves them and the organisation. 

The coaching approach focuses on the 'WE' aspect in teams, partnerships and organisations. While respecting individual input, the aspect of me is seen in context of 'one of WE'. This enables distributed leadership in teams, greater ownership and increased engagement and skill. 


Klaus Lombardozzi

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