3 ways ORS Coaching enhances existing leadership programs

There are many great leadership programs out there, in fact, variety is important in this field.

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching ​(ORSC) provides a radically new leadership operating system while enabling you to easily integrate all of your previous training and experience.

Experiencing a new operating system for your leadership training programs would be like switching from Microsoft to Apple, or visa versa.

ORSC completely changes your come-from place, your stance, as a leader, and fundamentally shifts the way you work, irrespective of what leadership tools you are using.

ORSC is the brainchild of CRR Global.

This method of coaching provides you with the tools, skills and competencies that enable you to lead systemically, irrespective of industry and situation. It enhances relationships within your team or organisation that in return strengthens performance and builds a thriving culture of engagement.

In my 20 years of leadership experience in many different organisations, countries and cultures, I myself have experienced the amazing and supportive shift provided by the ORSC operating model.

It enabled me to be much more effective as a leader, especially during large change initiatives and in uncertain times working in a multicultural setting.

It focusses to some degree on what you need to do as a leader, but largely enables leadership through ‘how you show up’ as a leader. It enhances your range and capacity for performing in complex and uncertain times.

Here are 3 ways that illustrate how this new operating system brings a shift to leadership.

1- A systems approach. This shift to the operating model allows you to view, work with, influence and navigate your team or organisation as a single unit. The ORSC model enables a radical shift away from leading and working with many individuals to helping teams experience unity. ORSC trains you in The Third Entity™ which provides a whole new paradigm of leadership opportunities to emerge.

2 - Change is constant. We know this, however, we continue to see failing change initiatives. Instead of viewing change as a program with a fixed start and end date, and then having several of these programs overlap, the ORSC model creates a culture of agility allowing the organisation to embrace change as a constant for day to day success. Change then becomes a healthy ally and a great source of innovation for successful and sustained business.

3 - Working with the Emotional Field. As human beings, we are physiologically and psychologically wired for relationship. Acknowledging this, the ORSC model trains teams to articulate and work with emotions. Leaders that are equipped to ‘read the room’ and intentionally engage with the felt experiences achieves a higher degree of buy-in and success.

It enables leaders and their team members to relate to each other in new and intentionally constructive ways. It facilitates the collaboration and engagement that high performing organisations depend on.

In addition to these points highlighted here, there are many more important benefits the ORSC model offers.

The complete ORSC series training provides 35 tools, 20 skills, 10 key competencies and 5 principles that enable greater levels of effectiveness amid the day-to-day challenges in our complex world.

This model for coaching teams is just as at home in leadership as it is in the coaching world. The founders of ORSC highlight the brilliance of this model in these podcasts.

There is a specific leadership-focused training called Relationship Systems Intelligence™ Work (RSI@Work), which is the ORSC Fundamentals Course specifically tailored for organisational leaders.

Relationship Systems Intelligence™ is at the heart of ORSC and is the evolution of Emotional Intelligence (EI - relationship with self) and Social Intelligence (SI - relationship with other) to enable the focus to shift to the systemic relationship dynamic with the group, team or system.

RSI@Work training is broken up into 4 x 4hrs online experiential training sessions. The learning is enhanced by using relevant customised scenarios that reflect the challenges leaders face in their day-to-day work.

RSI@Work training provides leaders and their teams with the fundamentals of this new operating system, offering 7 effective and engaging tools to help shift teams to their optimal efficacy.

Leaders are a diverse group and need different approaches at different times of their growth journeys and in the myriad of situations they find themselves in.

As an operating system, ORSC is principle-based, and so offers coaches and leaders the tools and skills that embrace all situations leaders face.

Most of the challenges organisations face have to do with the ‘invisible’ how people feel at work aspect. We know brilliant people leave organisations because of their culture and organisational relationships. ORSC intentionally engages everyone to contribute to the success of every challenge.

ORSC is accredited by the International Coaching Federation and this principle-based approach is just as effective in enabling right relationships in couples and families.

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